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How to use Swingers in Ahmedabad

Step 1 - Create a Profile

Using the joining box above, tell the system if you are a couple, a single lady or a single man.

Then tell us who you are looking for.

Then your date of birth.

Then your email address

The system will send you a confirmation email with a code in it, so that you can complete te sign up.

Once you have entered your code you can complete the profile with more details about you, your likes and what kind of people you are looking for.

Please note: We do not allow adverts from Prostitutes or Escorts. Our sites are all about having fun, not paying for sex.

Step 2 - Finding friends

Click the search icon, then fill in the search criteria of the people you are looking for.

You will only find swingers on our site - No Escorts or Prostitutes. (If you find someone asking for money please let us know and we will delete their profile)

If you find someone you like the look of, and VERY IMPORTANT, someone who is looking for people like you, send them a message.

If the person likes your message they will reply.

Step 3 - Messages / Communications

This is the way the message system works

  • You write a user a message, if they are a VIP member, they can read the message and reply to you.
  • If they are a standard member, they cannot read your message, they must upgrade to VIP to read the message.
  • If you are a VIP member, everyone can read and reply to your messages.

Swinging is consensual sex between Adults.

It is not a form of prostitution - No Money Changes Hands.

Swinging and Prostitution are very different and not compatible.

There are a couple of wrong ideas about swinging that we need to set right.

1. Swinging is free sex.

  • Yes, swinging is free sex, but sex is only between consenting adults who are attracted to each other.
  • The only time money should change hands is to make a donation to the person arranging a swingers party.

2. Women who swing are prostitutes.

  • No, A real swingers club or party will never pay a women to have sex with the guests.
  • As soon as a woman is paid to have sex with people at a club or party it is not swinging, it is prostitution.
  • Any clubs that list themselves with us as a swingers club, then pay a female member of staff to have sex with the men will be deleted from our lists.

3. If a woman is having sex in a club, we can all join.

  • No. The woman has the right to choose which man or men she has sex with. She may choose not to have sex at all.
  • In the swinging scene all sex must be consensual, the woman chooses who she wants to have sex with.
  • If a man tries to have sex with a woman after she, or her partner, has told him no; He is now committing a sexual assault and the hosts, other guests should pull him away and report him to the police for attempted rape.
  • If the other men at a party let a man have sex with a woman after she has said no, they are guilty of assisting in a rape and are also guilty of rape under the law.
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